Hickory Hills


Address: 23752 Highway 69
New Virginia, IA 50210


Phone: (515) 961-6169


Hickory Hills is located 13 miles south of Indianola on US Highway 69, just south of Medora and the intersection of Highway G76


The park features a primitive camping area, a small fishing pond, several trails, and an old homestead site that includes the old storm cellar, house foundation, barn (with a concrete floor and electricity added for park user convenience) and a large shelter with a raised deck.

Click here for information on the farmstead site.

The barn and shelter are very popular for family reunions, scout outings, and weddings. A series of mounds built by Native Americans can also be found in the park, accessible by hiking trail.

Hickory Hills Park
Hickory Hills Park
Lundy Acres

Please call the WCCB office for reservations at (515) 961-6169

Hickory Hills Park has 7 primitive campsites. There is a pit latrine in the campground. Water and modern toilets are available in the day use area April 15th through Nov 1st. Reservations are not accepted, but on a first come first serve basis. The camping rate is $5 per night. Registration is required and is available at the campground entrance. Campers may stay in WCCB campgrounds for 14 days out of any 30 day period.

Available facilities:


  • Barn with electricity
  • Open air shelter with electricity
  • numerous picnic tables
  • modern restrooms
  • camping in designated campgrounds



Rates: Per calendar Day 6 AM to Midnight (12AM)

$100.00 Monday through Sunday
$200.00 Damage Deposit

The rental fee is due within fourteen-days (14) of signing the rental contract. All payments are nonrefundable. The $200.00 damage deposit is due ninety-days (90) prior to the rental or at the time of booking, whichever is closer to the date of the rental. A rental not confirmed by timely payment will be cancelled. Friends of WCC at the $50.00 benefactor level or above receive a $100.00 discount on one rental per calendar year.

In addition, the renter will be required to provide liability and liquor liability insurance with limits no less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and $2,000,000.00 aggregate. This policy will need to name Warren County as an additional insured and a copy of the policy will need to be provided to the County for review by the County’s attorney and insurance agent prior to rental. Proof of insurance will be due within 90 days of reservation.

To reserve or check availability of the Barn and Shelter, contact the WCCB office at (515)-961-6169.


Things to Do

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Park Rules

What to Do and What Not to Do


Parks shall be closed during the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. except for overnight camping.

County Area

It shall be unlawful for any person to destroy, remove, damage or deface any buildings, park equipment, plant life, trees, signs, structures or natural material found within the boundaries of Hickory Hills Park.

Motor Vehicles

All vehicles shall be confined to designated roadways and parking areas. No vehicle shall be left unattended on any county conservation area in such a manner as to obstruct traffic except in case of emergency.

Domesticated Animals

All privately owned domesticated animals shall be either carried, led by a leash or chain; kept confined in or attached to a vehicle by their owner(s) or kept under strict control of the owner. Horse riding shall be confined to vehicular roadways only.

Recreation Vehicles

Recreational vehicles are not allowed in conservation areas. Speed limit for all motorized vehicles is 15 mph.


Fireworks and explosives are prohibited in this conservation area.

Disturbing The Peace

No person shall be guilty of an act that constitutes a breach of peace, or interferes with their visitors use or enjoyment of the county conservation areas.


All refuse must be placed in disposal cans provided or removed from the area when vacated by the user.


No camping allowed in the barn/shelter/restroom area. Camping in designated areas only. No more than fourteen (14) days out of thirty (30) days to camp in any WCCB managed area.


Fires shall be confined to those places specifically provided and extinguished before leaving the area. Cutting of live or dead standing or downed trees is prohibited.


Hunting is not allowed.


No swimming allowed.

State of Iowa

All laws of the State of Iowa not specifically mentioned here shall apply.