Bank Swallow Bend


Address: 12565 168th Avenue
Ackworth, IA 50001


Bank Swallow Bend Wildlife Area is located 8 miles east of Indianola off of Highway 92. Take Highway 92 east out of town for 4 miles. Turn south on S23. Follow S23 to the intersection of S23 and 168th Avenue. Head south to the address on 168th.


Things to Do

We manage over 2,700 acres that are open for visitors to enjoy a variety
of year-round outdoor recreational activities.


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Pheasants Forever, the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, the Wildlife Habitat Stamp Fund, and the North America Wetlands Conservation Act all helped acquire this area for Warren County.

With 543 acres of upland and wetland habitats, including more than a mile of South River. The area is named for the bank swallow colony that lived in the banks of the South River. The property is part of the Federal Wetlands Reserve Program, designed to keep flood-prone areas out of development. It provides critical winter cover for local wildlife. Migrating waterfowl, especially in the spring, use the area heavily and there is an active eagle nest on the property. Miles of mowed fire breaks that act as trails for people to explore the vast area.

bank swallow bend
bank swallow bend

Park Rules

What to Do and What Not to Do


Parks shall be closed during the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. except for legal hunting activity.

County Area

It shall be unlawful for any person to destroy, remove, damage or deface any buildings, park equipment, plant life, trees, signs, structures or natural material found within the boundaries of Bank Swallow Bend.

Motor Vehicles

All vehicles shall be confined to designated roadways and parking areas. No vehicle shall be left unattended on any county conservation area in such a manner as to obstruct traffic except in case of emergency.

Domesticated Animals

All privately owned domesticated animals shall be either carried, led by a leash or chain; kept confined in or attached to a vehicle by their owner(s) or kept under strict control of the owner. Horse riding is not allowed.

Recreation Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles are not allowed in conservation areas. Speed limit for all motorized vehicles is 15 mph.


Hunting allowed during seasons established by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. No permanent blinds or deer stands allowed. Privileges granted by this paragraph may be revoked by an officer for violations of Iowa law or these rules and regulations.

Disturbing The Peace

No person shall be guilty of an act that constitutes a breach of peace, or interferes with their visitors use or enjoyment of the county conservation areas.


All refuse must be taken with you.

Target Shooting

Target shooting is not allowed.


No camping allowed.


No fires allowed.

State of Iowa

All laws of the State of Iowa not specifically mentioned here shall apply.


Fireworks and explosives are prohibited in this conservation area.