Bank Swallow Bend Wildlife Area

Miles of mowed fire breaks that act as trails through 542 acres of wetland/upland wildlife area. Many types of wetland wildlife in addition to active Bald Eagle nest on the property.

Blue Flag Marsh

There are no designated trails at Blue Flag, but it is a great area to explore off trail. Additionally, you are sure to see many songbirds, waterfowl and even some deer.

Grant Park

Come enjoy the picnic shelter, secluded pond as well as wonderful woodland trails.

Great Western Trail

This 16.5 mile journey can be a step back into time as travelers witness a few remaining prairie and wetland remnants. The recently paved trail, managed jointly by the Warren and Polk County Conservation Boards, preserves some of Iowa’s endangered plants, those plants that had been wiped out in other parts of the state as land-use changes were made.  Put on your hiking boots and enjoy the trail.

Hickory Hills Park 

Explore over 3 miles of trails through this unique park. This 160 acres of rolling timber and open fields reveal the secrets of its past through clues that are still visible today. Take a journey through the woodlands and transport yourself back in time by visiting the Indian burial mounds. Another trail takes you past the old barn and down to the pond.

Lundy Acres

Lundy is home to a short, pleasant meandering trail.  Come explore the lowland woods and Middle River.

Otter Creek Park

There are approximately three miles of trails through Otter Creek Park. They cut through the oak and shagbark hickory forest, which typify the native vegetation of Warren County’s ridges.  Following the trail on the west side of the park, you will quickly discover the secluded campsites that overlook Otter Creek.  These are primitive campsites that can only be reached on foot. No hike at Otter Creek is complete without a visit to the pond.  Although it is small and contains no fish, it attracts a large number of animals.  The waters are crowded with aquatic insects and frogs.  The large tadpole population makes it a great attraction for children. Access to the water is safe due to the installation of a boardwalk along the pond’s edge.

Rolling Thunder Prairie

Explore Rolling Thunder as Early Iowans did…off trail. There is not a trail system in the park which leaves the exploring completely up to you.  Blaze a new path and see what wonder await!

Summerset Trail

Treak down 11 miles of paved trail, through rolling hills, wetland river bottom, as well as a scenic area equipped with an observation platform.

Woodland Mounds Preserve

There is a special sense of timelessness in the timber at Woodland Mounds Preserve. The unique qualities of this beautiful wooded ridge above South River have been recognized by inhabitants of this county for thousands of years. The park features a winding trail meanders the back of the park, passing by the Woodland Indian mounds and then loops back. The loop is approximately 3.0 miles round trip.

Zo-El Annett Woods

Zo-El features a winding trail that climbs to the back of the park, crosses a long suspension bridge and then descends back to the trail head, affording the hiker a beautiful stroll through a lovely woodland park. And lastly, no hike would be complete without taking advantage of the picnic area.