Cell Phone Tour

Cell Phone TourSponsored by the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership, the Warren County Conservation Board (WCCB), and the Friends of Warren County Conservation, a new feature offers WCCB visitors the opportunity to use their cell phone as a guide in parks, on nature trails, and bike trails throughout Warren County Conservation Board areas. Each sign will offer park visitors the opportunity to hear about unique park features, current events, wildlife, and natural resources in the area. Audio messages can be changed and updated throughout the seasons and the project can be moved from park to park. The public has access to the messages 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

It’s easy, fun and informative. There is no fee to the caller. However, it will use the caller’s cell phone minutes. Simply call the local number on the posted sign and press the indicated number when prompted. Each stop has its own unique message. There are 20 interpretive and informational stops that will be posted at the Annett Nature Center and Hickory Hills park starting in October.  They will also rotate through WCCB parks and trails throughout the year. The system also allows the park visitor the opportunity to leave comments and give valuable feedback.